Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ford Key Impression

Locksmith Boise Ford Mustang
Originating a key for a vehicle can be done in multiple ways depending on the type of make and model. Some methods are easier for the average locksmith technician than others depending on the knowledge and skills the locksmith technician has. On older vehicle models there are not a lot of options that can be used in order to make a key for a vehicle. Most of the time, a locksmith technician will retrieve a code than normally will be stamped on one of the vehicle's locks. However, not always there will be a code stamped on the cylinder or the code would not be visible at all which will require the technician to impression a key.

Few years ago I remember getting a call from a customer who needed a key made for his 87 Ford Mustang GT. The customer had the vehicle under cover for many years and at some point lost track of the keys to it. I was at the beginning of my way at that time for originating automotive keys, but I figured I should be able to handle it. I had to look up the best way to make a key for this type of Ford vehicle and it seemed that impressioning was the best way I could do it.

Once I got to the customer's home, I took the time to examine the condition of the locks on the vehicle which were not great. I had a feeling that originating a key for that vehicle would not be a "walk in the park", but I still had the interest of trying to make a key for it. As I was following the impressioning procedure carefully, I noticed I could not get a clear look at the cuts, so I could make the key. The only way that came to mind that would help clean the lock a little bit was using WD-40. However, the lock was so contaminated from the inside that it didn't help.

Ford Mustang locksmith Boise
I decided to give a call to a Boise locksmith co worker of mine who has been in the business much longer than I have and probably ran into this type of issue before. Fortunately, he came across old model Fords with dirty locks in his time where he needed to come up with a decent way of cleaning for the sake of impressioning. Turns out that pipe cleaner was the best way to go in that particular situation. After a quick run to the hardware store to get some pipe cleaner, I was back and ready to make another attempt impressioning the lock, but not before soaking the lock with  the pipe cleaner for few minutes. After a short wait, the lock was as good as new to my surprise and I was finally able to make a key without any further issues. 

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